Instructor: Rajarshi Guhaniyogi (Office: Baskin Engineering (BE) 359A); Telephone 831-
459-5797; Email: (please put AMS 205B in the subject line of any email
message to me)

Office Hours: Wednesday 1:10-2:10. Office hours will be held in my office.

Exams: This course has one midterm and one end term examinations. There will be two
quizzes. Weights for quizzes, midterm and endterm are 20%, 30% and 50% respectively.

Quiz dates: February 5 (Quiz 1), March 7 (Quiz 2)

Midterm Exam: Februrary 12

Endterm Exam: Tuesday March 20, 12:00-3:00 PM.

Textbook: Statistical Inference (2nd Edition), George Casella and Roger L. Berger.

Lecture notes: Lecture notes will be posted every week.

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                            Week 5 classnotes  Week 6 & 7 classnotes  Weeks 8, 9,10

Homework: hw1  hw2  hw3  hw4  hw5

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